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In Strnj – Živogošće visit 150 years old Dalmatian wine cellar and typical kitchen with an open fireplace. Agroturizam Strnj offers domestic aperitifs and wine gustation. In a wine cellar you can buy products made by Brajković family: red wine, prosecco, walnut brandy, bitters or olive oil. Visit art gallery”T 01″, which is also part

Živogošće Active Vacation – Tip Extreme

When you come to Živogošće and find accommodation, your adventure begins. Although the place offers enough opportunities for fun and relaxation, it’s a pity not to meet Živogošće’s surrounding. Tip Extreme, tourist agency that organizes excursions, can help you in that. In order to help tourists to take the most of their vacation, this team

Živogošće Cypress – Natural Monuments

Two groups of cypress trees in Živogošće are natural monuments. First group is at the graveyard and consists 40 years old cypress trees. Similar group of this mighty trees can be found next to the Holy Cross church, and there you will find even older ones – planted in 1929. Both groups make the Živogošće’s

Ilirske gomile Biokovo

On the top of Suzina hill in Živogošće, which is part of mountain Biokovo, you will find evidence that Illyrians lived here once. Above Živogošće you can discover Ilirske gomile, stone grave remnants from Illyrian age.

Franciscan monastery Živogošće

In 1616., near the water spring and below Biokovo mountain, Franciscan monastery Živogošće has been established. It was center of spiritual life of this area, but also center of literacy, proved by rich library and art kept in monastery. It was burned by Turks in 17th century, but Franciscans renovated it and today the monastery

Licinian’s epigram

Licinian’s epigram was carved on a rock beside the sea in 474. AD. It’s an evidence of water springs that Živogošće is famous for. This important archaeological document was carved by Licinian, Roman ruler, who used Latin hexameter in order to glorify water spring that flows through Živogošće till now. Beautiful poetry proves that Roman

Lovorni Stream

Between Živogošće and Igran, besides small local road, a visitor will discover beautiful scene in pure nature – Lovorni Stream. Its spring is in Biokovo mountain and it flows into the Adriatic sea. During rains in autumn and winter, Lovorni offers relaxing waterfalls, enjoyed by both inhabitants and their guests.

Zivogosce Beach: Eco Embankment

Zivogosce beach is one of the well known beaches on Riviera Makarska, not only beacuse of natural beauty and facilities, but also because of eco beach embankment. This tradition began last year. Beautiful Blato beach is first in ths area filled with stones in this type of embankment and this year the custom continues. But

Mala Duba – Old Photographs

If you want to find out how life in Dalmatia looked like decades ago, take a look at these old photographs of Mala Duba – Živogošće.

Olive Picking Dalmatia

While the continental part of Croatia is preparing for winter and people stop their activities on the field, olive picking in Dalmatia begins in November. Thanks to the mild climate, in autumn Živogošće becomes as interesting as in summer, especially to tourists that don’t expect only sun and sea from the Mediterranean. Adriatic has so