Olive Picking Dalmatia

While the continental part of Croatia is preparing for winter and people stop their activities on the field, olive picking in Dalmatia begins in November. Thanks to the mild climate, in autumn Živogošće becomes as interesting as in summer, especially to tourists that don’t expect only sun and sea from the Mediterranean. Adriatic has so much to offer! In autumn, many inhabitants of Živogošće dedicate their time to olive harvesting and their guests are welcomed as well. Family households that grow olives often produce virgin olive oil, so tourists can learn more about whole process and participate in it too. Find out all about olives – from the harvest till olive oil making. (Olive oil is often called liquid gold.)

Contact some of the hosts for olive picking in Dalmatia. Arrange your term and give yourself this type of active holiday. Work united with recreation will be a special experience that sounds like adventure, so why not experiencing it? Olive is one of the most interesting trees in the world – its strength, resistance and richness are inspiration to painters, chefs, poets and musicians. Its leaves are a symbol of peace. Find your own inspiration in Živogošće olive groves, take your family and friends with you and your original vacation is guaranteed!

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