Zivogosce Beach: Eco Embankment

Zivogosce beach is one of the well known beaches on Riviera Makarska, not only beacuse of natural beauty and facilities, but also because of eco beach embankment. This tradition began last year.

Beautiful Blato beach is first in ths area filled with stones in this type of embankment and this year the custom continues.
But why is this way of beach filling different than other, common ways? Usually, beaches are filled with dirt, which polutes the sea, so the inhabitants have decided to use stones instead of dirt on Blato beach.

The Zivogosce beach is first being cleared from big stones (the small ones have been carried away by wind and sea). The stones are then milled and returned on the beach. The sea will soften its harsh edges till summer, so this is why the embankment starts in spring.

Walking on the beach on softly rounded stones is deffinitely more pleasant than on harsh ones!

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